Rose Returns to the United Center: Let the Basketball do the Talking

Derrick Rose returns to the United Center: Let the Basketball do the Talking
derrick Rose
Upon his return to the United Center, Derrick Rose served as the center piece to the night. When he took to center prior to the game, with Anderson Verejao, he received a standing ovation from his home crowd. The announcer put it well ‘There’s not a statue of him outside… yet.’His words were few, and quite like all his speech; understated. He thanked USA basketball, the fans and the told us all to think about the violence in Chicago.
It is possibly this understatedness, in the highest of highs and lowest of lows, that makes him so adorned by fans. Obviously, his play is a big part of it too. His athletic ability is second to none and his work ethic ranks about the same. He was the only athlete aside able to fit an MVP win in between Lebron’s four.

After a series of terrible and well documented knee injuries, the fans all over the world and concentrated in the United Center, were just happy to see him playing. It was only for 24 minutes and 7 points, but he was pain free and athletic as hell.
He has some impressive supporters waiting for him this season. The workhorse Noah, the refined Gasol and the uncanny scoring ability of rookie McDermott. And maybe it’s this polished set of tools waiting for him that’s adding to the excitement of his return. Or, maybe its the arsenal assembling in Cleveland or maybe a little bit of everything. Whatever it is, the East has stars and story lines this year. It’s going to be exciting to watch, it might steal the show from the dominant West and the reticent maestro will be at the center of it all.



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