Daily Athlete on the Rise: Peter Sagan

Stage winner, Slovakia's Peter Sagan (C)

‘The Hulk’ Peter Sagan once again dominated the Green jersey competition at this year’s Tour de France. He was frustratingly consistent not winning a single stage but, finishing in the top five on the first seven stages! His team surely had holes in it, but he also seemed to mistime his sprints, seemingly leaving the all-out assault too late.

But he also has the ‘Hulk’ strength to climb hills and small mountains that are too tough for the other sprint contenders to stay in the front of the peloton. This strength allows him to take points on stages that most sprinters would consider to be stages for the climbers or all-arounders. It also allows him to do a sprint for intermediate sprint marks… Making him nearly impossible to beat in the points competition. He has a change to go on win this Green Jersey for another five years.

He’s only 24 and with a huge personality…

peter sagan butt pinch

What will the future bring? All I can say is I can’t wait.. No Matter what team he is on next year? Cannondale-Tinkoff?

Oh he can do wheelies too…

peter sagan wheelie 2





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