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2014 Vuelta a Espana Contenders

joaquim rodriguez

Joaquim Rodriguez

‘El Purito’ at 35 yrs old he’s no youngster. But he has done some of the best riding of his career over the past few years. Twice third in this race, look for him to have a strong showing following an impressive second half to the Tour de France

Chris Froome

chris froome
After crashing out of the this year’s Tour de France on Stage 5. Froome has had some time recover and train in California. Look for a rider of his caliber to rebound well in the Vuelta.

Nairo Quintana

nairo quintana
This 2014 Giro d’Italia winner sat out of this year’s Tour de France; a race where he surely would have been an overall favorite. Known for being the best pure climber in the peloton look for him to dish out the pain in the mountains.

Frank Schleck 

frank schleck
Nearing the end of his career the 34 year old had a stellar 2014 Tour de France. As Trek factory racing is rumored to be looking for new leaders in 2015, it may Frank’s last chance to show that he can still make it to the podium of a grand tour. Look for him to race like it.

Chris Horner

chris horner
At 42 years of age! Chris Horner comes into the race as defending champion. And after showing signs of fitness late in this Tour de France, it’s safe to say that his early season crash wounds are healed up. Look for him to chug eight cokes a stage and attack in the mountains.


9 Mind-blowing Facts about Formula 1


1. Formula 1 cars are capable of going 0 to 100mph to 0 in under 5 seconds!

Formula 1 Ferrari

2. Formula 1 gas tanks are actually a kevlar bag. So they won’t break and can’t be punctured.

formula 1 gas tank

3. The seats have no padding and are made up of carbon fiber molded to the drivers body.

formula 1 seat 2

4. And the driver position is probably not what you think it is. As Nico Rosberg shows us below.

formula 1 driver position

5. The power to weight ratio is roughly 1275 hp per 1000 kilos. To put that into perspective a Bugatti Veyron’s power to weight ratio is roughly 530 hp per 1000 kilos!!

Formula 1 engine

6. Drivers can experience over 4 g’s while braking! Several drivers have said it feels like their lungs are being pressed against their rib cages. In fact at speeds over 160 the DOWNFORCE ALONE (just letting off of the gas pedal) produces 1 g of braking. Which is equal to the maximum braking of most road sports cars!

7. Formula 1 cars have so much downforce that at high speeds the downforce greatly exceeds the weight of the stationary car. In fact at just 81mph the downforce equals roughly the weight of the car. Meaning that, if they could get up to speed, it could drive upside down on the roof of a tunnel!


8. The center of gravity is so low on the Formula 1 cars, the drivers sit only 2-3 inches above the ground!

9. They are just really, really fast. Check out this video:

7 Must See Commencement Addresses

Commencement Addresses:

It’s the good ones that really make us think. Commencement addresses are designed for young graduates, meant to be filled with advice for the future. But it is not only graduates that can benefit from them. There are some days when all of us could use the wisdom of a commencement address. Here, we have assembled a non-comprehensive list of seven great ones (in no particular order) for you to enjoy.

1. Jim Carey 2014 Maharishi University Commencement Address

2. Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford University Commencement Address

3. J.k. Rowling 2008 Harvard Commencement Address

4. Ellen Degeneres 2009 Tulane University Commencement Address

5. Meryl Streep 2010 Barnard College Commencement Address

6. Neil Gaiman 2012 University of the Arts Commencement Address

7. Mack Brown 2014 University of Texas Department of Government Commencement Address