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9 Mind-blowing Facts about Formula 1


1. Formula 1 cars are capable of going 0 to 100mph to 0 in under 5 seconds!

Formula 1 Ferrari

2. Formula 1 gas tanks are actually a kevlar bag. So they won’t break and can’t be punctured.

formula 1 gas tank

3. The seats have no padding and are made up of carbon fiber molded to the drivers body.

formula 1 seat 2

4. And the driver position is probably not what you think it is. As Nico Rosberg shows us below.

formula 1 driver position

5. The power to weight ratio is roughly 1275 hp per 1000 kilos. To put that into perspective a Bugatti Veyron’s power to weight ratio is roughly 530 hp per 1000 kilos!!

Formula 1 engine

6. Drivers can experience over 4 g’s while braking! Several drivers have said it feels like their lungs are being pressed against their rib cages. In fact at speeds over 160 the DOWNFORCE ALONE (just letting off of the gas pedal) produces 1 g of braking. Which is equal to the maximum braking of most road sports cars!

7. Formula 1 cars have so much downforce that at high speeds the downforce greatly exceeds the weight of the stationary car. In fact at just 81mph the downforce equals roughly the weight of the car. Meaning that, if they could get up to speed, it could drive upside down on the roof of a tunnel!


8. The center of gravity is so low on the Formula 1 cars, the drivers sit only 2-3 inches above the ground!

9. They are just really, really fast. Check out this video: